Red Rose School


Admissions at the school is pretty easy as we take children into the school through a simple way of interviewing the candidates and selecting the most qualified. The interviews are done during the holidays although we can be able to handle interviews during the sessions. Moreover, we can be able to allow new students to join the school in between the sessions. If you would like to join our institution, then it’s very easy for your child as long as they are qualified.

At Red rose, we highly welcome children from all backgrounds as we do not discriminate in terms of religion, social class, political class or economic background. In this regards, if you are a parent looking for a good institution where you can have the most out of a curriculum, then you should consider coming to our institution. We believe that visiting the institution makes it easier for you to make a decision during the enrollment time. Moreover, it’s also good to interact with the teachers who will be teaching your child after she/he is admitted.


At the institution, we ask for a small fee for admissions to facilitate the admissions process. At the school, we also consider talented children and the less fortunate as long as we have the right facilities to handle the disadvantaged in the school.